Poem #8 – 12th March 2014

To be honest, I’m amazed I’ve got this far in my endeavour to create a poem (I use the word loosely) for each of the 40 days of Lent. I discovered that the word ‘lent’ was used in the Middle Ages and means ‘spring’, coming from the Germanic word Lenz for ‘long’, because in Spring the days get longer. Interesting; but enough of this distraction, I should post another poem.

My walk along the road beside the farmer’s field is spoiled by an ever-growing slew of rubbish in the hedgerow where it runs past the bus stop. So, a bit of an angry poem today.

Why is there so much litter?


I don’t want to seem bitter and twisted.

As twisted as the cans and wrappers

that despoil the hedge and grassy verges.

I don’t really advocate purges of perpetrators.

Parental education as a child is the key.  

Me? I was always told to ‘Pick it up!’

as I have told the same to my two.

But here by the shelter

a welter of beer cans and bottles.

Bags and burger boxes,

which the foxes will tear apart.

 Is this the start of the end?



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