Poem #12

I am barely a quarter way through my attempt to write a poem a day for Lent. Words are becoming as difficult to pull together as a sticking plaster from a sore knee. Painfully and a little bit at a time. A shorter piece might be the order of the day. Perhaps a chance to hear my first haiku of Spring?…

To write a haiku

Is trickier than I thought.

Not in my nature.




The books on my shelves must be breeding

There can be no other cause I assume.

I’ve enough for ten years worth of reading.

They cover most parts of the room.

I’m sure I’d a modest collection

When I first moved into this place.

So it must be a type of infection

Why they grow at such a great pace.

Ok, there’s this second hand bookshop,

But I only ever buy two or three.

Occasionally four, but I know I can stop

Any time. Just wait and see.

It’s clearly obsession, I know.

Please don’t berate me or get vitriolic;

With five or six books on the go.

I admit I’m a plain bookaholic.


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