My poem a day #15

I have persevered with this challenge for more than two weeks and will continue for the remaining period of Lent but I will probably cease blogging in light of the dwindling number ( i.e. zero) of visitors/views/comments.


Strained Music


There is a lame wail of music through my wall.

No thumping rock or heavy metal stuff

Worth shouting at and asking to be turned down.

This pathetic parody of melody drips endlessly in,

As ugly as melting ice cream, and nowhere near as sweet.

Such a dull set of tones, I wonder how it found its way

Inside my flat and now my head. Oh, dread!

It’s now a solitary fiddle. A belated St Patrick’s Day

Party perhaps? No, the fiddle gives way  to marimba

Rhythm with a muted half-heard commentary.

Now something plucked and a woodwind blown.

Clearly above there’s a music class

My greatest fear – there may be brass!


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