Lent poem #31

There is a news item today about a woman who runs a sloth orphanage in Suriname and provides a home for about 200. Such an animal deserves a better name, given the connotations this has.


Sloth being weighed

How unlucky the name of the sloth,

 to be burdened with this awful word.

Slothful: described as ‘emotionally deprived’

 – for an animal like this is absurd.

The sloth is benign and unhurried

and seemingly smiles all the time.  

It never looks angry or worried,

and is happy to hang (sometimes climb). 

One of its interesting features,

which makes sloth fur rather superior,

an ability to house other creatures,

because of cyanobacteria. *


*[Note: A type of algae which gives it camouflage.]


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