Lent poem #37

For some reason the poem that I posted yesterday did not translate from my phone to the blog and so I have reproduced it herewith, along with one for today. Hopefully my laptop will succeed where the phone (or more likely I!) failed.



The City of Bath


Bath basks in its own beauty;

Georgian grandeur gleaming

Along every line of sight.

Arcades, facades and colonnades:

An architectural decadence, defying time.

Every shop window cascading delight.


In Bath there is the famous Sally Lunn’s bun shop, said to be the oldest building in Bath.


Sally Lunn’s


Each of the buns

At Sally Lunn’s

Is huge. The fun’s

In the topping that comes

To fill up the tums

Of boys and girls, and dads and mums.


2 thoughts on “Lent poem #37

  1. I love the poem about Bath. After many more hours perusing shop windows and the delights therein, can you keep it going? I’d love to read more.

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