Egging myself on after Easter

A change of direction now. After subjecting myself to the task of a poem a day for Lent, I now feel that my mental muscles have been flexed to be able to render words here that have at least some meaningful message. There might not be something every day as there has been for the last forty seven (? – sorry, I lost count) but it will be something that has occurred to me or for which I would invite comments. Otherwise what is the point in putting stuff down here? I keep a hand written journal for personal thoughts.

So, Easter has come and gone and Spring brings forth the invigorating months ahead. Hopefully these will also invigorate the creative part of me and urge me to produce more written work. Currently I am working on two plays (one a monologue) which I will be submitting for various competitions, and I also have a (third) novel under way. The first two: The Intricate Soul and Empirical Evidence, which are available through Amazon and Kindle, have been mildly successful through a self-publishing route. The third I hope will be good enough for an agent or publisher to have faith in. I have considered going on a residential writing course but there are conflicting reports about the usefulness of these. Any recommends or otherwise out there?

[What a way to spend your retirement! Loving every minute of it!]


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