Mountaineering on Water

Back from a week on the Kennet & Avon canal during which the weather was mixed but, by and large, pleasant. This was the sixth year that me and three friends met up to cruise the waterways of England. Having spent the last two outings on the Warwick Ring it was decided to return to the K&A, but on this occasion heading for Devizes. Unknown to me, the trip takes in the Caen Hill flight of 29 locks. Now I have worked locks before and quite enjoy the workout they provide, plus the reward of a 3-course meal and drink in the evening. However, the locks on the K&A (at least the stretch that we covered) are ‘doubles’ and heavy to shift, especially with some of the paddle winding gear reluctant to shift. Although that may just have been the slow sapping of my muscle strength. Nevertheless, the view from the top of the hill is well worth the climb. Next year, though, it’sImage back to the Midlands and Stratford-upon-Avon.


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