Diet dilemma.

People close to me appear to have the urge to diet. I think this is a post-Easter and Bank Holiday syndrome. All the indulgence of chocolate eggs and then the relaxing long weekends have left many – and this includes myself – with a feeling of having overdone things in the food department. The warmer weather has also reminded everyone that summer is not too far away and with that come the holidays. We all want to look good on the beach or in a swimming pool and our bedroom mirrors are constantly reminding us that we need to do something about this.

A change to eating habits is the simplest solution, and if daily exercise can be thrown into the equation, all the better. It’s all very well, however, cutting down on carbs and starchy foods such as bread, potatoes, rice, pasta etc. but cooking for my vegetarian daughter, who has stated that she also needs to lose weight, presents a problem. I have always been able to ‘bulk out’ meagre rations of vegetables and fish (she’s not a total veggie) with fettuccine or linguine, or rice: but not at present. So I am now racking my brains and scouring supermarket shelves for something to fit the bill.  As for me, the stress of it all is ideal for shedding the pounds.


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