Glacier sighted near Slough

My mistake. It’s that farm field again near where I live. After the ploughing and hoeing and tilling, it looks like it’s now been wrapped up to keep out this cold May weather and give whatever has been planted a chance to get going.


I suppose that given the demands for food from a growing population, the farmers need every tactic at their disposal to ensure their crops do well. The white clingfilm I imagine is also a reasonable deterrent from crows and other scavengers, eager to take advantage of some easy pickings.

Although at the moment it appears as a bit of a blot on a semi-rural landscape, when the covers finally come off, the observer is presented with a sheen of green shoots ready to thrive in the warming summer weather. I just wonder what has been planted for this season.


Long deathly white shrouds


Cocoon the slumbering seeds.


A new life begins.



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