What is it with bees just now?

My Lent Poem No. 46 spoke of the importance of bees to the survival of our planet. Recent reports, however, suggest that their numbers are still pretty healthy.

A former colleague has been reporting on social media of her problem with bees nesting in the roof of her house. And there is a news item today about a swarm settling on a shop window in Victoria http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-27444845

I was helping out in my friend’s garden yesterday and noticed that a number of bees were flying around a blue tit nesting box that she had fixed to her fence a few years ago. The box had been ignored for some reason by the tits this year but clearly these bees have found the location ideal for their needs. I am assuming that a queen bee has decided to lodge there and the swarm has followed, but we are not sure how long they will be there or whether any honey will result from their stay, or even whether a beekeeper should be called in. Any ideas or comments will be most welcome.


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