Nothing like a live gig. Rock and roll tonight.

A rock and roll night is the destination this evening. I think my first live gig must have been over fifty years ago in a small church hall in Liverpool next to Goodison Park, the home of Everton Football Club.  The band was called The Dictators and comprised a number of my schoolmates.  I remember being very envious of them, since they all had some form of musical accomplishment and were there performing on a stage in front of an appreciative crowd, and I wished I’d learned to play the guitar.

Tonight’s gig is by Whole Lotta Led, a Led Zeppelin tribute band who I’ve seen before, and they are excellent.  Again, seeing these guys perform I think to myself ‘If only…’ During one of their previous gigs they asked the audience if anyone had ever seen the original Led Zeppelin in concert. I think mine was one of only two hands that went up and I felt pretty chuffed about that. And here I am 43 years later listening to the same fabulous music.  Nothing like a live gig. Rock on.


And if you listen very hard
The tune will come to you at last.
When all are one and one is all
                                                           To be a rock and not to roll.           [Jimmy Page & Robert Plant]


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