Books and more books.

I thought that being surrounded by books would spur me on to do more of my own writing, the impetus for which has slowed to a leisurely stroll in recent months. This is why I volunteered to work for a few hours a week in the local village library, which like many others in the country is under threat of closure as councils look to savings in their budgets.
My memories both past and present of librairies is checking books out and checking them back in. However, a couple of days behind the counter has shown me that there is quite a bit more to the business than is readily apparent to the casual borrower. For one thing everything is computerised and it was a half day training course that was needed to bring me up to speed on just the bare basics of book management.
The irony of this new experience is that I am now even more aware of the thousands of hugely successful writers out there, all competing for shelf space, and have now deprived myself of even more hours of writing time each week. But my attitude is if they can do it so can I.


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