The beauty of building with brick.

The Shard and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai are towering testaments to wonders of the modern world. Always bigger and better. However, at ground level there are examples of the intricacy and style of craftsmanship with nothing other than the simple brick. This is a wall on the outskirts of Windsor Castle.  Also, I thought it high time I posted another poem here.




Its solidarity is short-lived from conception,

Conjoined as it must be with others in praise

Of a uniform unity.  Laid and layered.

Patterned where time and artistic passion allows.

A muted mastery over masonic craft,

Replacing wattle, cob and flint. This simple

Slab has shaped the tallest towers,

Chimneys, walls, bridges and buildings.

Wonderfully weathered, rounded and russeted,

Bulging with ancient pride.


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