Deadly deadlines – the ultimate spur.

I have recently been going through some writing doldrums, which is nothing new for me.  I had a few works in progress that I was occasionally dabbling with but to no great advancement. It was only when I checked out a particular closing date this morning that I realised I had to get my act into gear and as a result have written nearly one thousand words in the last few hours. And they seem to make sense in the context of the piece I’m working on.

As far as I can recall, it was the same at school – and at work – anything I endeavoured to complete well in advance of any deadline was at best average and usually needed doing all over again. But with a closing date in view or looming deadline, my focus seemed to become that much sharper with a better result. Now I’m not suggesting that this is a tactic that I would always employ. On more occasions than I wish to remember, leaving things until the last minute did not produce the adrenalin-fuelled inspiration.  Rather it was the panic-packed perspiration that resulted.  And now back to the matter in hand.



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