Health & Safety Headache

Today is the annual Burnham Village Carnival and the sun is shining, which is all well and good, except that the usual parade through the High Street down to the local park can no longer take place. The reason is because of Health & Safety issues, that phantom that used to scourge its way through office procedures in my working life. And here it is again, raising its ugly head in my leisurely years of retirement.
The issue apparently centres around the closing of the village High street, a function undertaken in previous years, if my memory serves me right, by the local Round Table and members of the Lions, as well as other volunteers. However, H&S now demands that this marshalling must be carried out by suitably qualified persons. The options, as I understand it, were to either send those volunteers on an official training course, or hire a company to do it. Either of these options would cost money which the local organisers can ill afford. So, no High Street closure and no parade, and another lovely local tradition bites the dust.


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