Travel may broaden the mind but it shortens the temper.

Back from beautiful Canterbury and my daughter’s graduation from Kent University, the proceeding taking place in the glorious cathedral. A very special occasion. I love the city as does my daughter who has no intention of leaving the area for the present and I don’t blame her. Steeped in charm and history, the labyrinth of streets and lanes in the city centre are buzzing with life and an energy, as well as masses of tourists. The current hot sunny weather helps towards the enjoyment. However, my return journey to Berkshire along the grotesque M25 banished the euphoria in an instant. After an hour of good driving conditions, despite the air conditioning in my car having ceased to work (just as the temperature tipped 30 C.), the first of two accidents was announced on the overhead gantry.
I shall not dwell on the state of my temperament – or temperature – but suffice to say it was a further two hours before arriving home, having had to cancel two social engagements. I enjoy travelling most of the time, but something really has to be done about the state of Britain’s congested and confounded roads.

Road Rage

Sad the sight-
a driver slighted,
voicing threats of fight,
In the courage of his crumple zone.

Banging wheel,
his fury mounting.
Can’t he feel
the seconds counting
down to his demise?


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