Life is a lot of lists

Put it down to age and the consequent failings in short term memory retention if you like, but I now find it necessary to be always making lists of things to do. And not just lists for shopping and items to pack for holidays, but actual daily things I need to do. I have not yet reached the stage of writing down: ‘Have breakfast. Brush teeth.’ but give it time.
I reckon I first became a serial list maker when I was still working and had lots of actions and deadlines to meet. And speaking of deadlines, that is the main reason for my resorting to lists presently. As a writer there are dozens of markets and competitions which I read about on a daily basis and think to myself ‘I’ll submit a piece to that.’ However, with one or more works in progress it is easy to forget what I have read and before I know it the deadline for submission has passed. I have therefore prepared a worksheet on my laptop with websites, competition details and deadlines all neatly laid out as an easy reference. The only difficulty is remembering to open the worksheet each day. So what do I do? Easy: I write down a daily ‘To do’ list, the top of which is ‘Consult worksheet’, speaking of which…


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