Play things – acting on impulse.

As a member of the illustrious Slough Writers group [ Twitter: @SloughWriters] I find it somewhat of a frustration that so many of us in the group enjoy writing drama and yet have little or no opportunity of seeing our work performed. It is only on the rare occasions that one of us will have the good fortune to be selected from a competition and see a play produced. I can recall the elation when I was in the audience to watch something I had actually written performed before the paying public. Ideally, we would like to liaise with a local amateur dramatic group with a view to producing some of our work.
Many years ago when I was part of a local amateur dramatics group we inevitably put on productions of plays for which we had to pay a handsome fee. From my recent Twitter explorations I find that there are numerous amateur drama groups, many within reasonable reach of Slough, who would be very welcome to use scripts that we have created. So, if there are any out there who fancy making contact – please get in touch.

Drama was an aspect of writing that I had never ventured into before joining Slough Writers and I am so glad that I tried it. Recently the group has run an in-house one-act play competition which attracted sixteen members’ submissions. A tough assignment for our judge, Richard James, actor and playwright. One can write and perform poetry, or create short stories and novels to be read. But to have a play produced brings a whole different aspect to the written word.


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