Post mortem of the post box.

I am sure we are all aware of the current lack of letter writing, since communication by e-mail and text and other social media has become a much quicker, more convenient, and possibly less expensive method of sending information. Today I wanted to post a birthday card to my brother, and yes I am aware that this too can be done electronically and by digital means with on-line ‘cards’ being able to play tunes and perform cute scenarios. Call me a dinosaur if you must but I like to send, and receive, cards and letters which have been handwritten, and so have a much more personal feel. My difficulty, however, was in being able to find a post box. The recent redevelopment of two big name superstores has resulted in the removal of the post boxes that were on these sites. A very convenient place to drop off post while doing shopping. Since these are not replaced or relocated, I have to ask myself is it because the Royal Mail no longer processes the amount of mail to warrant having so many?
I was also alarmed to read in the news that a number of the smaller boxes that can be seen laid into walls or attached to posts, usually in small villages or hamlets, are being stolen and sold to collectors for as much as £1000 or more!
Is the day coming when these iconic red boxes that stood at the corner of the street, and where as a child I would faithfully post my letter to Santa, will be removed, leaving only those outside Post Offices?

February snow 008


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