The first day of NaNoWriMo has gone well with a total of 2033 words done and a decent opening chapter to my novel. It’s fortunate that I was able to write for an hour and a half after midnight and then another couple of hours in the morning before Saturday took a grip with shopping, lunch and other standard Saturday activities. However, I shall in the remaining hours of this day be able to write at least another 1000 hopefully. Although it’s all going swimmingly, I have to be conscious of the fact that this is day one. This is a marathon, and although I have completed the course on three previous occasions, there is no guarantee that this course will not throw up unforeseen difficulties or unshiftable writers’ blocks. That, however, is the challenge of this nerve wrecking November ‘pastime’.

So many words with so little time
The plot is unfolding and all just seems fine.
Characters develop and action takes place
Should I be conscious of rhythm and pace?
Just keep on writing is the given advice
No need to check yet if the narrative’s nice.
Just hit the target of that 50K
Edits can keep for some other day.
Sorry I can’t stay to type further verse.
NaNoWriMo is calling: that is the curse!


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