NaNoWriMo nerves

It’s all very well to embark on a project or challenge such as the NaNoWriMo and feel very elated at having got through the first 5,000 words, the length of a short story, in just a couple of days. Even better when two days beyond that you find yourself bearing down on the tape at 10,000. However, for me this is about the point when the plot of my newly fledged novel starts to falter and whither and there is a pause (a not very pregnant one!) in my writing as I try to fashion some more plot/character/action or anything to move forward.  All the time the clock ticks away impassively and impervious to any deadline.

NaNoWriMo does offer support in bucketloads to its subscribers with a website full of helpful hints, forums, message boards and the dreaded statistics page which shows in every which way the number of words you have written, the amount you need to write to reach your target, the date it estimates you will finish at your current rate and a ‘helpful’ graph like a ski slope in which I find myself quite often ‘off piste’ or pissed off at the sight of it. For me, there might be just a little too much to plough through on the website; I don’t even begin to correspond with fellow writers in my district, which on the face of it might appear extremely rude, but it’s just that I can’t afford a distraction. Yes I know that writing this blog is a distraction, but it is one with a purpose. It gives me a break from the novel but keeps me producing words, and it actually helps because I can return to my draft with renewed vigour and ideas.

So on we go typing and writing
The whole experience should be so exciting.
But my nerves are quite jangled
and words become tangled
as I try to achieve a deadline for what?
You see that’s something else I forgot
as well as my characters, action and plot.


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