NaNo Negativity

I’m quite surprised at the negative comments being made on various social networking sites about NaNoWriMo, apparently because of the detrimental effects it is having on writing in general.  I beg to differ. For myself and many other writers the November writing gallop is an ideal means for giving us the kick we need to get on with some output, having procrastinated through the summer months and then dithered through autumn. The main gripe is that many of those (where the statistics come from I don’t know) who complete their 50,000 word novel in a rush of words then put it onto Amazon with only a minimal amount of editing/proofing/reviewing.  How this can effect the quality of other published novels (self-published or otherwise) is beyond me.

OK, I imagine there are those who see their achievement of completing a 50,000 word story as something worth shouting about and going into print to prove what they have done.  But my own purpose in pursuing this November madness is actually to produce a framework of something I can take away and work on.  So often have I begun a novel only to find after a few months of stop and start that I have either lost interest, lost the energy or (literally) lost the plot! November at least provides me with a plot from start to finish, a host of characters, locations and action. I can then do further work on it at my leisure until such time that I consider it may be publishable.

If some people wish to undertake the challenge of NaNoWriMo so be it. Those who shun this as a less than professional approach to writing are entitled to their opinion, but please let those of us who like to have a bit of fun carry on without the gripes.


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