Writing is a joke at times.

So I spend the entire month of November struggling and sweating over creating a novel (of sorts) in 50,000 words and then spend subsequent weeks in editing, proofing and wondering if it might be good enough to pitch somewhere (a bin?) with the probable result that, following rejections, I decide to self-publish (‘All is vanity…’) or turn to another project. As a diversion from the brain bursting effort during that month of creating plot and characters in a 30-day timescale, I decided to submit a joke for the Gold TV cracker joke competition. http://gold.uktv.co.uk/article/top-10-modern-christmas-cracker-jokes-revealed. Well, about ten actually, and one of them got into the top ten and a runners-up prize! The joke comprises fifteen words and took five minutes to come up with. (I know, you shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition.) The question now is whether I should utilise my time in a more economical manner? However, Christmas only comes once a year: which reminds me – I have more cards to write.


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