Writing silently – a blog at bedtime

My blog has been dormant for far too long. This does not necessarily mean that I have not been writing. I have been writing – just not in the area of the blogiverse. In fact I have been quite industrious and in the last month I have submitted one play, two short stories and two poems to various agencies, publications and competitions. A bit of a scattergun from a scatterbrain. But when the muse has a grip on you there is only one way to go. Now, had I the commensurate successes to match the output, I would not hesitate in announcing it within these pages. Consequently, my silence here can be taken to reflect the resounding silence from all those clamouring to grasp my written word. Perhaps a blog entry at the end of the day is the answer.

I assume there are those out there who occasionally wonder what I’m up to, since my website today clocked its 28,000th visitor, and I note that I have had a couple of visitors here in the last few days, and why I am guiltily making some sort of effort to write. What I should be doing, however, is finishing the short story for the Slough Writers Group competition, the deadline for which is tomorrow. I say finishing, but I’m barely half way through a piece that I am not happy with. Best be off and start again…


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