Beginners, please.

This next Monday my local writing group (#SloughWriters), of which I am a member, will be undertaking an evening of one-act play performances. The evening has come out of a competition last year for writing a play of about ten minutes on the theme of a ‘Photograph’. This was quite a departure from our usual competitions of short stories or poetry or article writing. A number of members who had never tried their hand at playwriting before entered, and whereas with other competitions there was the opportunity for those unsuccessful in winning first, second or third prize to read out their entries in subsequent weeks, a play is quite a different matter. Actors were drafted in to read the winning plays which were applauded with enthusiasm, but for the also-rans there was nothing nothing but silence. It was then decided, especially for those who had never written any drama before, to hold a special evening on which other entries could be given a performance of sorts – a showcase night. The venue will be our usual meeting room and so will not provide too much space. Also much imagination will have to be employed by the audience in terms of envisioning each set. For all that there will be no need for stage venue, makeup, costumes, lights etc – the preparation has been hard work, not least for our member who took it upon himself to arrange casting, rehearsals (at his home) and running order. For me, it took me back (many) years to when I did amateur dramatics and reminded me of how much work actually goes into a production. The excitement of this particular evening, however, will be watching and listening to the words that each writer has put into the mouths of the characters that he or she created brought to life before our eyes. Can’t wait.


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