Late for Lent – a poem a day

Last year, in order to motivate myself into writing something substantial every day, I decided to write a poem a day for the period of Lent. Regrettably, I just realised that Lent started on February 18th.and I had this idea that Lent began when the weather was moderately mild with Spring in the offing. So, here I am a late starter (story of my life) but endeavouring to provide something for the next thirty (?) days.

This poem evokes memories of a canal boat trip I undertake every year in March/April with friends.


Early mist muffles the engine
as the boat’s ropes are slipped
and it drifts to the midst of the canal.
Glassy waters roused, it throbs forward,
its green hull, scraped and scarred,
glides alongside meadows
with an easy grandeur and a speed
that hardly ruffles the reedy banks.
This is the pace that time once shared
with scented hedgerows and fields
that used to breathe new life.


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