Homes on a Small Island

The post recession resurgence of house building is quite apparent in the area in which I live. However, whilst I appreciate the need for more houses, I find it rather sad that, when an older house of say the 1920s or 1930s comes onto the market, it should be immediately demolished to provide a plot for building two, or sometimes more, in its place. These luxury ‘detached’ houses barely merit the epithet, separated by the barest of regulatory rules, precluding any cat-swinging space in between their elevations. Internal dimensions are of similar restrictions. The reduced size does not seem to have any effect on a reduced price, which nowadays is dictated by the convenience of transport links and schools.

The quality of the bricks and mortar
is immaterial, as long as my daughter
is in the catchment of a good school.
To be quite honest, as a rule
I would normally live in the city,
but along came the kids. It’s a pity
I still need to work; the rent they charge
is exorbitant. We’d be better off on a barge.
But not quick enough to get to work, so I think
I’ll stick with the nearby motorway link.


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