My Wishes for Wish-Lists

There was a time as a child when you were asked what you wanted for your birthday or for Christmas, you would say what particular toys, books you had seen, or maybe one particular thing that was desired such as a bicycle. Nowadays, however, there is the definitive ‘wish list’, recorded for all to see and contemplate. This is all very well for a wedding gift list, and has been traditional for a long time, and avoids duplication of kettles, toasters etc. Call me old-fashioned, but for birthdays and Christmas I like to be surprised. OK it might not be something that is my heart’s desire, and in fact the thing that I most wanted might not even turn up, but to use a cliché ‘it’s the thought that counts’. Wish lists merely demand that the recipient do all the thinking. This leads me to choosing items that I have to estimate will be affordable by those wanting to buy me something, in particular my children, and is very stressful. Today I was about to buy a couple of cut-price DVDs but remembered they were already on my ‘wish-list’ and may already have been bought (at greater cost?) so I shall have to wait for a little over a week for my birthday ‘surprises’.

If it disappeared tomorrow
I wouldn’t miss a wish list
I prefer a hit-and-miss list
a card with just a kiss list.
The intention is no less
It reduces all the stress
And I just prefer to guess (what I am getting).


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