Where are the Words?

At my local writing group this evening we have a manuscript night during which members can read out their latest work – in progress or otherwise. For all that I keep a daily journal and have posted various mini-verses here over the last couple of weeks, I find I have nothing of substance with which to regale my fellow members tonight. But is it entirely necessary? Am I merely seeking adulation and a comforting reassurance that my scribblings are worthwhile? They say (whoever they are) that as a writer, any piece of writing is useful. I suppose by that it means that you are managing to keep the engine running. But what happens if you run out of petrol?

I merely seek the words to string
together. A phrase, of course,
clause or sentence. The main thing
is not just managing to force
a rhyme. It’s having time
to say something quite deep
and profound. A sublime
statement to make you weep
or cry with laughter. Fine –
a triple rhyme. See, I keep
struggling: I did it again.
Perhaps I could ‘borrow’
an idea. It won’t be the same,
honest. I’ll show you tomorrow.


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