T.I.A. The Internet Answer

Last night’s Shakespearean Night at the local library was well received – so I’m told!  This was because I missed the second half through loss of memory. Not of any lines I had to remember but of actually where I was or the fact it was my birthday! The paramedic who turned up and connected me to various things suspected I had a TIA – Transient Ischaemic Attack – a mini stroke. Fascinating. Hitting the age of 67 appears to gain entry into a whole new world of malfunctioning body parts. Anyhow, down to the business of my daily verse for Lent.

First visit to the swimming baths began

With mini-strokes and soon

I remembered how to do it.

Last night I didn’t remember

Lots of simple things, so it seems

We’re back to mini strokes.


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