The First Cut Ain’t the Neatest

Sunny Spring day today which seduced me into a bit of gardening. Since the grass was looking raggedly long I decided to get the mower out. Not the rotary power driven one but the old-fashioned cylinder type which needs pushing but which can be fixed to a setting to give a light trim for the first of the season. Not perfect but not bad.

Humps, lumps and twisted tussocks
The lawn forlornly wearing its winter growth.
Out the back and down the sides
But not too short. A trim will tidy up
The thickest clumps and clear
The lingering leaves.
Blade is laid against blade,
Shoulder-powered mowing
And knowing how low to cut.
All is laid to rest in Spring sun
Raked and gathered in.
No close-cropped level lawn in fear of feet,
This first clip merely gives my grass
a green and pleasant feel.


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