A Joke by Any Other Name

A bit of a struggle to come up with a verse for my blog today, and not one to resist a self-imposed challenge I decided to write a sonnet. The following is my effort for which the Bard is probably turning in his grave.

If I could but a Shakespeare sonnet write
Imbued with words to brighten up each day
And even challenge rays of wild sunlight
To cast away the gloom. Then it just may
Uplift this spirit, downcast and bereft
Of joy of late. Good words can bring
A song within the soul, and phrases deft
With humour, wit and jokes will fling
Aside the want to wail. Loud laughter will
Induce a mired misanthrope to grin
Or bring a smirk to lips, which winter’s chill
Has all but left them dried. I shall begin
To take upon the profile of a clown,
Raising laughs for those who may be down.


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