Gales Are No Laughing Matter

My efforts to write a poem a day for Lent unfortunately faltered over the last few days. I could attribute this lapse to my concerns about having to undergo a whole day medical check up following my memory loss on March 20th which it was felt might have been a mini-stroke(T.I.A. and all that). Thankfully, after my visit to hospital and several tests, the consultant concluded that it was a Transient Global Amnesia and nothing serious. I am therefore back on track but short of sleep because of the howling gales thrashing about outside my bedroom window all night and which are set to continue throughout the day. Let’s hope they subside soon, at least before my annual canal trip in a few weeks time.

Birthday weekend Mar2010 020

These March winds are running late
And have a grip on the weather,
Irately whipping frightened trees
With white-faced clouds
Cowardly running for cover.
Will April bring back breezes
That gently lift Spring blossoms,
Caressing tresses of grass and new born leaf?


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