The Jubilee River – nurtured as Nature intended.


I like to walk this stretch of river between Slough and Maidenhead. It’s a man-made channel to relieve flooding from the Thames in Windsor and Maidenhead and other places local to these towns. The Jubilee River was constructed in the late 1990s and is very pleasant but lacks that totally natural appearance. The trees and shrubs that have been planted are all well established now but you can still tell they’re not old. It will be some time before it has a natural look about it. The wildlife, however, don’t seem too worried by this and enjoy the river and various habitats for what it is. Perhaps I should do the same.

The outland lies beyond the slew of water
and the sweep of reeds that sway along the bank.
The neat built bridge provides a perch
to view the curves and reaches
of the river flowing down towards the weir.

They’ve tried to woo a wildness here,
but twenty years hardly suffice to bribe
the roots to grip, lichen cling or trees
to boast a hardened bark. In time maybe,
but not alas in mine.


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