Acting Upon Instinct

I’d always had a good feeling about putting on a collection of one-act plays for the local community. These were to be ones written by members of my local writing group and the event was with a view to supporting the efforts of keeping the local library safe from the threat of closure, which had been the demise of so many others. The only drawback to the venture was the limited time I had given myself for putting things together. A month and a half seemed more than enough, until matters were put in motion. One friend and fellow writing group member referred to me as ‘mad’ right up until the opening night.
In order not to put too much stress upon those kind souls who had offered their services in playing various parts in the plays, I felt that the evening should be a play reading thereby obviating any learning of lines and multiple rehearsals. However, I had not counted upon the determination and natural instinct of members to learn their parts and divest themselves of the impediment of holding scripts. That is, all except the fifth and final play of the evening which was performed in the style of a radio play, complete with mock microphone, much to the delight of the audience.
It goes without saying that the performances were carried off much smoother without scripts in hand, except for the odd fluffed line or two – by me! And also a sense of pride and achievement in having done it.

Queues of lines and lines with cues;
Sets and staging, props to use;
Scripts and words and stage directions,
Recited with correct inflections.
Each actor worked towards the cause:
Not charity – but loud applause!


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