A signal failure in finding tranquillity

My trip with friends along the canals of the Warwick Ring was as enjoyable this last week as it has been for the last five years that we have undertaken our annual get together. It has always been the most relaxing way to unwind and escape the mad rush of everyday life by gently cruising these seemingly hidden waterways of the British countryside. I say relaxing despite the seventy locks that needed to be negotiated on this occasion. But the physical effort is invariably rewarded at the end of each day by a hearty meal and drinks in one of the welcoming canalside pub/restaurants.
My plan this year was to record a daily blog of what I had seen and done, and to reflect on the Zen-like attitude of mind that the remoteness of the countryside can achieve. However, it was frustration that grew with the futile search for a signal for my tablet. The only day on which I achieved anything was the morning I sat on the frosty steps of a pub to write up a (hasty) post, tapping in to the pub’s wi-fi. The moral here is that if you want to get away from it all then do just that. Shunning only a part of what you want to escape from is a paradox. It will be a long time before the notebook and pen become obsolete.

Canal wi-fi

Placid tracks of languid winding waters
Ease and lead the soul in slowly
Lowering life’s beleaguering needs.
Draped by willows, hanging
Blossoms drift and sway
In clean breezes, freeing
The manacled mind
To meditate.


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