The Dark Side of Pinot Noir

I went without wine for the past few days following a slight over indulgence during my week afloat with friends on the canals of the Warwick Ring. Feeling suitably cleansed and back to my usual weight (the indulgences extended to food as well, unfortunately) I chose a particularly attractive Pinot Noir (2010) from New Zealand which cost a little more than my usual purchase. It was the expulsion of gas as I removed the screw top that alerted me that all was not as it should be and the taste confirmed my worst fears. It took me back many years to the 1970s and the popularity of home winemaking kits. For my part, in those days, the wine was consumed much sooner than was advised and it had a distinctly sharp, fizzy quality. Clearly my palate has matured with the passing years. I returned the offending bottle to the shop and purchased two bottles of French Pinot Noir (2013) for only a few pounds more than the original bottle – one as a backup, just in case.


The fruits of grape vines
Will yield a great taste of wine
But sometimes grapefruit.


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