Self publish and be damned?

The other day I received yet a further rejection of my novel submission to a literary agent. Very pleasant and polite with a friendly tone: ‘…really enjoyed reading your piece…’ then the inevitable HOWEVER ‘…not what we are looking for…etc…’ I appreciate that these agents and publishers must receive mountains of submissions and can, understandably cherry pick those they wish to work with. It was on the basis of several rejections that I have previously gone down the self publishing route, principally so that I can actually handle an actual copy of a novel that I have put hours of work into. I can remember looking at the ISBN number allocated to my first novel with such a feeling of elation that it did not matter how many copies I ultimately sold (I think it was about twenty), it was just the sheer joy of seeing something I had created out there in the flesh (well, paper!).

My second novel fared only slightly better and was again self published. It was semi-autobiographical and related to a period of my working life in which I turned some of the action into a crime/thriller. It did OK amongst a number of my former work colleagues when I pitched it through Facebook (especially the period I put it out for free!). That period taught me the power of social networking for getting your work known. Frustratingly, Twitter is swamped with people eager to sell their novels, and my mine merely drowns in the waves of those with thousands of followers, and who already have agents and publishers.

Undeterred, I am determined to gain recognition for my current work through an agent and/or publisher and will therefore persevere in submitting manuscripts.

For anyone out there interested or intrigued as to what I have produced thus far, both The Intricate Soul (science fiction) and Empirical Evidence (crime thriller) are available on Amazon/Kindle.

Empirical Evidence 001


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