For the Record I Still Get the Vibes from Vinyl

It was the trip to Colchester that did it. A town I had not been to for over fifty years and of which I remembered very little. It is a delight of small lanes and arcades, markets and shops selling anything and everything. Some churches which once resounded to the sound of congregations heartily singing hymns, are now sanctuaries for stallholders selling memorabilia, yesteryear’s clothes, trinkets and timepieces. It was in one such place that I came across a selection of old vinyl LPs (long playing records for those of you under thirty years of age). As I riffled through the covers, many with iconic designs, memories of the 50s, 60s and 70s flooded back. I tried to recall where many of the ones I used to possess might have gone, but three divorces clearly took their toll. I still have a modest collection of treasured recordings, most of which are in very good condition. And I have a turntable on which to play them. OK, the purity of digital recordings might not be there, but the occasional crackle through the stylus evokes for me a rare musical delight, reminding me of very good times.
For the record (pun intended!) my purchases were: Double Fantasy (1980) – John Lennon: E.C. Was Here (1975) – Eric Clapton: Needles and Pins (1963) – The Searchers.


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