Acting confident about learning lines

Friends of Burnham Library with Slough Writers and Total Theatre produced and evening of play readings at Burnham library entitled Plays In Practice before an audience of 80. The cast of SLOG performing the play written by Lee Taylor.

The days when I often cannot remember what I went into the kitchen for have become more daunting lately at the prospect of my having to learn lines for a play. Many years ago in the days when I used to take part in amateur dramatics, the words would somehow stick (though not always on the night!). Now I find myself having to go through the motions again of walking up and down the lounge repeating dialogue, hoping that it will adhere to the cells in my brain long enough to re-emerge on the night of the performance, which is only a few weeks away. I much prefer writing them rather than learning them. Oh, wait – I did! Fortunately, I do not have that many lines to remember in my part.  Unlike thirty odd years ago when playing the lead in The Lady’s Not for Burning. Some say that it is easier to learn large chunks than to have the occasional line, waiting nervously for the relevant cue from fellow actors. I’m not at all sure if that is true.  Still, this is for a charitable event, so I’m sure that anything put before the audience will be well received. It’ll be alright on the night, as the saying goes. Now, where did I put the script?


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