Naively Not Written More

This is what NaNoWriMo should stand for in my case. I start off thinking that it will be a piece of cake because I have the plot firmly fixed in my mind and the main characters pictured. All I need to do is bring them to life and set them off on their journey. All well for the first fifteen days, plot unfolding, subplots developing, characters and dialogue quite believable for what is essentially a first draft. And then…nothing. This is not writer’s block.  I have suffered writer’s block before and used various  tried and tested strategies for overcoming this.  No, this is quite different. This is sheer overconfidence from having completed NaNoWriMo in previous years and believing that it presents no difficulties. Arrogance. Pride always, as they say, comes before a fall.

The plot was running quite well until I realised that one event could not have taken place because of something else that was happening. And I broke the cardinal rule: I went back and checked. I began to pick up not only plot deviation but typos and grammatical errors. Trivia which should be ignored until November 30th. The result is that I am now 2000+ words adrift of my target.  I have also realised that I am writing this rather than my story. I shall, however, look upon this as an important break from writing (a breather) in order to continue the marathon again over the next thirteen days.  On, on!


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