Curse the cursor!

The best laid plans and all that…I had been on target to achieve a 50,000 word draft during the November NaNoWriMo challenge when a technological tantrum placed a significant obstacle in my way. I have to say the tantrum was all mine, but principally as a result of technology.  In short, the cursor on my laptop steadfastly refused to budge for a whole 48 hours. Now I know there are ‘workarounds’ which would have allowed me to get into my document and continue typing, and I did in fact achieve this. But the fact that I was unable to easily open other tabs or applications (my keyboard functions knowledge is not what it should be – rather like wondering where the candles are kept when the lights fail) meant that my mind was preoccupied with wondering how long it would be before the problem was resolved rather than producing more words.

Ironically, I was due to give a presentation to my local writing group on the topic of ‘Writing Under Pressure’.   My delivery was therefore given with a fair amount of authenticity.  My cursor is functioning normally again and with some effort I ought to be able to get to the 50,000 word finish line. All I need do is get back to it.


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