Local heroes no more

The football team I support has gone through a relatively flat period for quite a while now, and whereas many years ago (I’ve been supporting them for about sixty years) this would have been the cause of acute depression, anger and misery, nowadays I don’t react with the same level of emotion.  This may be an aspect of age and a stoical reflection on life’s constant tribulations, but I am pretty sure it is also down to a jaundiced view of the modern game of football (soccer).  I can remember as a boy that the team would be largely made up of local lads, with maybe the inclusion of a ‘foreigner’ or two from Scotland, and their passion for the game was in addition to the passion for the city in which they were born and raised. But now in these days of mega transfer fees and accessibility to a global shop window, the larger clubs are able mostly to dispense with the services of aspiring local talent in favour of established international superstars. For this reason, my passion for what was my local team is waning and I am turning my attentions to very local minor league teams. The football skills may not be of very high quality, but the entrance fee to the ground is a tenth or less of what the bigger clubs charge and I would be supporting a much needier cause in the process and helping to maintain a community spirit.


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