Let’s Do Lunch

There’s something uplifting when you’re invited to lunch and even better when you know that you won’t be paying. That was how I felt when I was called up to review a restaurant the other day. Of course, you can’t always guarantee that the place you’re reviewing is going to be that good, and if it isn’t good what on earth do you say about it?

There was no need to be concerned, however, because the Riverlight Restaurant at Bourne End on the River Thames is really good. A relaxing atmosphere with wonderful river views, friendly staff and amazing food. I was given a selection of their lunchtime dishes, but couldn’t decide which of them I liked best, so of course I had to eat them all. Just to be sure, you understand.  Feeling quite content with the world, things got even better when I was invited to join the restaurant team later that day for a sampling session of the new menu, which was to be launched in a couple of weeks time. Sensational creations.

There are times when writing can become a chore and just plainly stressful. However, on occasions such as this it can be an absolute joy…so I’d better get on with that review!



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