Further prompting

In my last post I explained how I was being given three words at the start of each day with a challenge to write a piece which incorporated all three words. I could not decide what form of poetry to create for yesterday’s three:  Lamp, Tomb and Feather so I did three: haiku, unrhymed and rhymed.


The oil lamp sheds light

In the hollow of the tomb

Where a feather falls


I would watch the yellow lamp glow,

where my father dug the soil

amongst the morning mist.

Now the earthy smell of mushrooms

merely reminds me of his tomb.

In the field a feather rests alone,

its finely crafted purpose also spent.


I met you by a lamp in Leicester Square.

You asked me for directions to a tomb.

I took a chance and said I’d walk you there,

So I could ask you why and how and whom,

About yourself, your life, your likes and fears.

I considered it might lead to something more.

Dinners? Dates? Or maybe just some beers.

But as has happened many times before,

I feared failure – talked about the weather.

An unknown worrier doubtless I did seem,

A coward fit to wear the whitest feather,

Unfit for action, happy just to dream.




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