Graffiti Graduates

As November opens before us, it seems an age ago that I was enjoying the hot summer days on holiday in France. Looking through some of the photographs taken at the time, I am inspired to write about La Rochelle, the place where we spent two relaxing weeks.

One striking aspect of the port was an area where street art appeared to be actively encouraged. A far cry from the garish slogans and gang artistry seen on bridges and adorning the walls of railway sidings, sheds and carriages, these wall coverings that were being applied appeared to be under the tutelage of an older person. This was certainly one way to brighten up an otherwise drab and run down area of the port.


No sneak or subterfuge or paint spray rebels;

paint applied with style and symmetry.

Shabby,  wearied walls of grey

enlivened with a bold, brash energy.

A crash of colours arrests each passer-by,

almost inviting anyone to try their hand

in this gallery al fresco.


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