New writing

Ventured to this morning’s meeting of the local writing group with some trepidation. Having moved to the other side of the country and leaving an established writing group that I was a member of for about eight years, I wondered how my own accomplishments in writing might compare to this new group, and whether I would actually fit in. As it turned out, I had nothing to worry about. Such a friendly reception put me and my partner, also an émigré from the other side of England, immediately at ease Even the surprise of a writing exercise did not seem so daunting. Best of all, the convivial post-meeting meeting at the local coffee shop where everyone got to know each other much better, or should I say got to know us better, confirmed that we had found a group we wished to join.  It’s great to find such sociability, especially at this time of year. I’m hopeful that the new group will help me produce some new writing.



 S uch agonies should not be part

O f Advent. Chaotic shopping sprees.

C hristmas cards, turkeys and trees.

I nvitations to lost relations. ‘Add to cart?’

A mazon asks. Thoughtless gifts

B ought and expensively wrapped.

I n six months time, either scrapped,

L ost, but not healing the rifts

I ntended. And you don’t have money to burn,

T otting up more than you ever earn.

Y ule read the rules but never learn.



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