Looking on the Bright Side

It seems that December cannot quite make its mind up what weather to offer up.  After a sharp cold snap we are now into unseasonably mild air streams coming up from the Canaries. Doubtless it will revert to traditional weather in due course, but whether it will be a white Christmas remains to be seen.

My garden has taken on a sad appearance with most shrubs going into hibernation. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the appearance of a bold splash of yellow with the blooming spikes of a mahonia bush. I endeavoured to research what type it was but find there are more than seventy. And typically, whenever I research a particular subject, I invariably digress into other areas. I discovered that the name Mahonia derives from its discoverer, Bernard McMahon, a Philadelphia horticulturist who took part in the Lewis and Clark expedition across America in 1804-1806. Fascinating.



Within December’s winter gloom

A glorious golden yellow bloom

Sharp and spiny, evergreen

Within the dank the leaves still gleam

Holding the foliage fort together

Regardless of inclement weather





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