Shelving Responsibility

There is yet more in the news about the demise of public libraries and how these institutions are among the first of local amenities to be disposed of in line with cuts to council budgets.  The statistics are staggering and pleas for their preservation with cogent arguments as to their importance to local communities appear to fall on deaf ears. The deafness, however, is very selective.

The concentration of library facilities into large central hubs in the middle of towns is not ideal, particularly for those who find it difficult to travel more than a short distance. Government and local councils must not continue to shun their responsibilities in this respect.

My recent work as a volunteer at my village library highlighted just what an important beacon it is in any community. As well as providing reading matter, libraries provide a score of other services, but perhaps the most important aspect of a library is its role as a meeting place where people can socialise and interact, particularly for those less able to join clubs or societies.  The experience prompted me to write a story about a village library.


Available from Amazon:


The written word is all around:

books bound to capture and enthrall

readers of all ages and abilities.

Grandparents read to young ones

the stories that were read to them.

A sanctuary from all the mayhem

of the world.  Let them not be bygones.

They provide far more facilities

than people really know, where all

facts and information can be found.


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