A birthday wish list

I’ve never been a great fan of the month of January. The days are short and the month is long, with not a lot to do after the festivities of Christmas and New Year, unless you count Burns night of course, but haggis is not one of my favourite dishes.

Making resolutions has never been a habit of mine. For one thing, whenever I did resolve to do something, the impetus was lost after the first few weeks. If I really determine to do something, or indeed stop doing something, it should not be necessary to wait until the start of a new year. Yes, I realise it’s a start point and gives that boost to make a fresh beginning, so why not start whatever it is you want to do on your birthday, for example.

This is what my partner has decided to do, and she has drawn up a list of things she wants to achieve, the first of these (not necessarily in list order) will begin on her birthday in two days time. Thankfully, the list does not include sky diving or wing walking, but has things that I could join her in doing. For example, visit a country she’s never been to before (we’ll be off to Ireland in the summer); go to the top of a lighthouse; see the northern lights; buy something in an auction. Not sure what prompted it, but possibly an age thing. Anyway, I shall be quite happy to tag along and join in, although I’m not so sure that another item on the list will be quite my thing – belly-dancing classes!


I personally don’t do wish lists.

If it disappeared tomorrow

I wouldn’t miss a wish list

I prefer a hit-and-miss list

a card with just a kiss list.

The intention is no less

It reduces all the stress

And I just prefer to guess (what I’m getting).



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